A bill to reorganize the human capital asset of the economy of the United States of America


A bill to reorganize the human capital asset of the economy of the United States of America via one inflation-proof, irrevocable, unencumberable, covenanted, US Treasury, voter trust account per registered, US voter, currently numbering one hundred and forty six million (146,000,000) voters, with each account spending into similar media and private sector trust funds approximately three thousand four hundred and thirty dollars ($3,430) of the six thousand, eight hundred and sixty dollars ($6,860 [[[[[door ?>*: [thn\] \ …//2014 10 31 165* 12 31]]]]] deposited to the account per year with the average balance [””thn\ 2014 11 01 180* 12 00 SATURDAY]] held in a bank chosen by the voter from an approved list, so that Article I might recognize a one hundred (100) year estimated one thousand trillion dollar ($1,000,000 X 10^9) human capital asset appreciation equal to an average of seventy one thousand, four hundred and twenty nine dollars ($71,429) augmentation of the net worth of the human capital of the United States, per registered voter, each year of this one hundred year period from 2020 to 2120, thereby providing grounds for Article I to recognize a discounted, sovereign, net present value (NPV) equal to one third of the total value and to appropriate this three hundred trillion dollars ($300,000 X 10^9) and mint and invest it at the annual rate of three tenths of one percent (0.33%) of said NPV, equal to one (1) trillion dollars ($1,000 X 10^9) per year for the next one hundred (100) years [[[[”’ thum; xref: Casper Wilson\ 2014 11 01 180* 12 27]]]] in order to reduce liabilities for health care, health insurance, incarceration, war, & strife industries; while simultaneously increasing the equity value of participation, knowledge, productivity, independence, sovereignty [[siren 150* 12 55]], and the constitutionality of the human capital asset of the US GDP thus fulfilling [CW [Mekkah laps water] 2014 11 01 180* 12 29] the fifth and concluding Preamble order placed upon us by our founding forebearers, “bestow the blessings of liberty upon ourselves and our posterity,”


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