Hang me


Obama orders US mint to print $1 X 10^12 dollars to be deposited into renewable energy trust fund.

Mint refuses.

US military obeys order to man the presses; xref: National debt our biggest threat to US security. Also xref: “Money can be used as bullets,”

“Our commander in chief is correct. We need this ammo,” says general Dempsy.

Article I moves to impeach Obama.

Obama lights up on camera, “You sold me this cancer stick from Kentucky, Senator McConnel. I set up a one trillion dolar renewable energy trust fund for my daughters and yours. There are three international plaintiffs suing the US government for not doing this, and five domestic plaintiffs. Hang me …if you can. But I would rather die by the rope than have my family and yours affixiated by your old school, Ponzi, population growth, one way ticket of fossil fuel externalized unpaid costs affixate this water world miracle bestowed upon us by the most perfect union,”


5 thoughts on “Hang me

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  2. energytowers Post author

    #168 of 171: William Hale (hinging0) Sun 02 Nov 2014 (10:16 AM)

    Obama takes control by forcing article I to impeach and try him
    while international, national, state, and local plaintiffs request
    the remedies he has implemented.


  3. energytowers Post author

    William Penn
    Return to editing 14 12 32 part one out take PHill Woodruff “Hang me ” conversaton 2014 11 02
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    Your video has been published at http://youtu.be/cd9j7IUKno4#218 of 218: William Hale (hinging0) Mon 03 Nov 2014(07:35 AM)
    Part 3
    “Hang me…” conversation with you, PW, re- lame duck president
    taking control of the government by intentionally forcing the US
    House impeach and the US Senate to try the president for minting &
    depositing $1 trillion dollars into a US Treasury Renewable Energy
    Trust fund based upon the net present value two independent sources
    estimated for the increase in asset value of the US which would
    result from the creation of the trust fund to make the large front
    end investments needed to get renewable sustainable energy up and
    running compared to the life threatening fossil fuel industry with
    all it;s momentu m and front end costs figures out for generations
    now.m MEANWHILE Hllland and Banglesdesh sue the US and China in the
    World Court while FLA and Texas and NYC sue the US in US courts…
    so BHO has a case during his US Senate trial that he is simply
    trying to protect the assets of the US from a gridlocked Congress.
    “Money can be used as bullets,” DHP said. The weapons for those
    bullests are renewable and sustainable energy and infrastructure,
    the president argues at his trial. The world watches.

    14 12 32 part one out take PHill Woodruff “Hang me ” conversaton…



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