Verifiable, secret ballots.

1. Pick up your ballot and go to the voting booth.

2. In private, find the scratch off serial number on the ballot and on the ballot stub which you will tear and retain. If you plan to vote optional part B of the ballot also find the serial number on it.

3. When you scratch off the serial numbers do they all match?

4. Tear along the perforated line and keep and retain the stub so if you need to you can demand to see your ballot was properly counted and if you choose to compete for prizes money can not buy on optional part B of the ballot you can later make sure your part B was correctly graded and placed in the lottery.

5. Vote, or abstain, or write in a name for each candidate [Hnk\] on the ballot

6. Before you leave the ballot booth press the button to get your screen name verification

7. A receipt with five code names on it will be printed for your. Only one will match the code name shown on the screen. That one that matches is your code name to check on line that your ballot was accurately counted.

8. You may mark the paper receipt in any way you wish to help you remember which of the five code names is yours. Your ballot serial number will not appear on line, only the code name. So if you forget your code name the only way to verify you ballot was counted correctly is to go in person to the Registrar of voters and show your serial number stub. [[thnk\]]

9. Deposit your ballot. Keep your receipt with the five code names and your serial number stub.

10. You will be able to check your ballot on line.

11. The other code names on your receipt will also be posted on line but they will be OTHER people’s ballots.

12. This way you cannot prove to anyone else how you voted and they cannot coerce you or pay you for your vote because only you can be sure how you voted and the other code names on your receipt will be associated with ballots which will show enough different candidates voted for to make it difficult for you to prove to anyone else any one particular code name was yours.

13. The winners of optional part B of the ballot who got 15 of the 20 randomly selected voter knowledge questions from the 300 published questions correct and then were entered in the lottery and drawn as winners from the lottery will also be posted on line.


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