“I wish,”

Body, bread, and breath 999 PDF

The above addresses the obvious things in the 2014 11 06 “Beetle Bailey” comic strip.

Somehow slid mentioning you Joe and Michelle both mispronouncing candidate Braley as Bailey seems to have gotten lost in the editing.

But the presentation gives an idea of how thoroughly comics can address a cognitive map.

Now the hard part of developing from slide 129 to upgrade the Episcopal communion liturgy begins.

Also foot note re: “I wish,” is how bob dylan prays needs to be reinserted.


VERY rough draft of slide 129 extrapolation here.

“Take, eat.

“Sustain. Conserve & expand recycling capacity. Eat

This is the mutually exclusive eversion and re-eversion which resists being in the same place at the same time. It is trapped between the non-mutually exclusive inwards and the non-mutually exclusive outwards.

, the body, or hardware, of the messiah self repair soft and hardware dance and song book thread woven throughout the fabric of all creation.

“Likewise, take, drink. This is the NON-mutually exclusive able to be in the same place at the same time to what degree before density to total mass ratios result in it’s inside out turning, also known as eversion, the 720* turning which results in a 180* reversal of the least dependency, the least bias, the grain of the non-mutually exclusive converging to be in the same place at the same time – either inward, or outward.

“Likewise, take, breath, this is the spirit of interconnectivity between all toward, “Hello,” and away, “Goodbye,” and the combination of the two, “See you around, God willing, who hopes,” who has how many directions [frig\] and whose bill of rights applies as equally as the teeth on a comb…

The two candle flames can merge without getting much bigger and symbolise the non-mutually exclusive to what degree more so that the two loaves of bread which thunk against one another before being broken, and the cup of water and the cup of wine merge, but show mutually exclusive, and non-mutually exclusive properties both..


“I wish,”


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