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Thank you for calling. [sqk]

Here is my schedule:

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WLH (hajiMAO) <> 12:54 PM (19 minutes ago)

to kbartels, james, Dbuzzell, richard, bcc: Norman, bcc: Asimmons #381 of 383: William Hale (hinging0) Sun 09 Nov 2014 (11:33 AM)


Based upon your voice…


The next step is: “Based upon all environmental sounds.” The step after that is: “Based upon exterior environmental sounds AND [sqk] [thn\]…”

Completely clear headphone covers like watches which let you see the inner workings might be cool and make the he[sqk]ad phones look less ‘clunky’

Or, like [Mekkah makes sound with a bone] jewellery, the headphones could have myriad apps you could down load to make them do rainbows, lava lamps, beat in time to the audio you are listening to, etc.

SECOND QUESTION: Who suggested Thanksgiving (Thursday, Nov. [sqk]

27) as when who should get whose self in the presence [””’thn\] of whom [sqk]…

Nov. 11, 7PM: 250,000 audio inclined people expected here for e-to-perform-at-free-veterans-day-concert-in-dc/2014/10/02/97980e82-4a41-11e4- 89


Whose schedule for that day will be as follows, God willing, who hopes.


MONDAY 20 00 to 02 45 sleep

TUESDAY 02 45 to 03 30 private breakfast

03 30 to 04 00 Internet

04 00 to 05 00 bicycle

05 08 to 06 46 The Islamic Center, 2551 Mass. Ave. NW, Washington, DC

06 46 to 07 30 bicycle

07 30 to 09 30 Lafayette Park

09 30 to 11 52 bicycle from Washington Monument to US Capital 11 52 to 13 15 Zhur prayer in front of the US Supreme Court 13 30 to 14 00 Nap on US Senate lawn while Mekkah keeps guard.

14 00 to 14 36 bicycle to Mall concert area.

14 36 to 16 00 [frig\] Asar prayer [thn\]

16 00 to 16 40 Meet & greet

16 58 to 17 58 Asar late afternoon prayer when [sqk] the shadows are one and one half time as long as the object.

18 00 to 18 15 Meet & greet

18 27 to 19 00 Isha prayer combined with voluntary arrival prayer for the start of show

19 00 Show starts [thn\]

After show meet & greets on east steps of US Senate and / or US House of Representatives.

WEDNESDAY 05 09 to 06 47 Fajhr prayer

06 47 to 09 45 go back to sleep

10 30 to 11 52 Walk Mekka, do errands

11 52 to 13 15 Zhur Prayer in front of US Supreme court 14 35 to 15 35 Asar Prayer in Garfield Park

15 36 to 16 57 Work out [thn\] at Washington Sports Club 16 57 to 17 50 Maughreb prayer at or near [sqk] American Legion Nash Post

17 50 to 18 26 bicycle to Union Station

18 26 to 19 00 Isha prayer at Union [sqk] Union Station 19 00 to 21 00 Dinner at Thunder Grill or similar place which has Lentil soup.

21 00 to 21 00 bicycle to US Capitol

21 00 to 21 50 Meet & greet. [thn\]

22 30 to 23 00 Internet

23 40 Lights out


Available between prayers [Spurious key stroke brings up “WiLD CELL TRANSLATE” screen grab] for business discussions & contract negotiations. First we agree on what’s a good idea, then the next day we talk money.


Book work

Juma prayers in my room call to be admitted [sqk] 202 465 0067 Book work


Archives: appointments available to inspect archives.


08 30 Lutheran Church of the reformation

11 00 St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

17 00 Capitol Hill Baptist Church


Free to travel pending contract agreement (s) providing sufficient initial funds [sqk] of $4,000 per month. Otherwise, must work to cut costs in order to be free to travel. [sqk]

More later, in sha lah.

Oh, Bob Dylan Nov. 25th at Constitution Hall, Daughters of the American revolution. If Sebastian doesn’t want whose extra ticket, and then who else doesn’t [sqk], who might have one extra ticket.

Two cellphone show project would tie in with A.I. Headphones project. $6,000 to rent Constitution hall as four walls. Insurance, stage crew, etc. Additional. Who was found who has software which can sync all phones to one source. Likely independently visiting the same site together would not produce synced audio due to different transmission times through different carriers. So bring the site [sqk] to the hall then distribute it. Everyone syncs to that local wi-fi?

Travel day Nov 26 th

Thanksgiving in Cambridge or Boston or

Visit Dave Clark Friday? Or Monday? [sqk] [jet]

Current YouTube channel:

PROCESSING 0% 2014 11 09 075* 17 08 SUNDAY Dogs running Arrival at Baptist Church First half of sermon purple #

Upload complete! Your video will be published at once it’s done processing.

My public Drive”

Dogs running. Arrival at Baptist church. Xref: notes from sermon in “My Public Drive”

wordpress blog:


twitter: William Mohammed


snail mail:

4200 Wisc. Ave. NW, Suite 106 – 146, Wash. DC 20016

Morman Tabernacle choir is not accepting music submissions. No mention about about audio related business investments

Might be interested? LDS Philanthropies

1450 N. University Ave.

Provo, UT 84604


Email Us

Or Bain capital?


John Hancock Tower

200 Clarendon Street

Boston, MA 02116

United States

Main: +1 (617) 516-2000

Fax: +1 (617) 516-2010

» Google Maps

» Directions

Or Mitt Romney?


Adapting my innovation to your missionary needs might make the project interesting to the Morman church.

Would you be interested in an interactive book of Mormom which ‘listened’ and responded while you did your missionary work?

To you think people would want to participate more in your outreach if you could let them test such a ‘book’ that could be an A.I.

Voice, or team of voices, which whispered in their ear? As well as letting you listen in during times permission is given? There’s a wee bit more to the idea.

Do you think your missionary headquarters might be interested and get on board as part of contacting BAIN capital?

You know, there’s always the worry a big raven will swoop down and grab the idea and fly off never to share it and likely exploit it in the wrong way, but God is greater… so little by little, who seeks to invite one and all toward the goal of an initial public offering.

Volley2.ind 204: ?>*:\ …//2014 11 01 075* 12 32 {Sorry I’m not fulfilling my commitment to volunteer at the BINGO} SAT

#424 of 440: William Hale (hinging0) Sun 09 Nov 2014 (08:32 PM)

Internships might be available to work on my archives.


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