UPS Pay Pal e Buyers Club Privacy

draft of letter to UPS re eBC

W. Hale, aka, haji (pilgrim) Mohammed A. Omar 4200 Wisc. Av. NW
Suite 106 – 146
Washington, DC 20016


David P. Abney, CEO
United Parcel Service, CEOUPS World Headquarters 55 Glenlake Parkway NE Atlanta , GA 30328
United States
Tel.: 1-800-PICK-UPS

#712 of 747: William Hale (hinging0) Fri 14 Nov 2014 (10:10 AM)
re: 1. Cut forwarding costs 2. > rentals of UPS store mailboxes.1 3. Offer “direct forwarding”

Dear DPA, CEO:

Enclosed please find a proposed marketing survey you might want to conduct to see if there is, or could be, sufficient demand


Instead of having the package go from the unknown internet vendor to the UPS store & then be picked up by or forwarded to the customer, why not let customers have the choice to add a “direct fwd address” to the UPS data base, so when the UPS system reads the customer’s UPS store mail box address it instead displays the customers business or home address on UPS driver screens & thus directly routes the box?

“Buyers Club” or Doing business as”2

Why not offer a Pay-Pal & UPS, Jt. Venture “Buyers Club” (eBC) and issue an “e-name debit card”?

  1. Link the e-name to the legal name of the customer & keep it private, & decentralized, & “off line” by storing the legal name with the e-name link in two, redundant, encrypted, eBC computers safely off-line on the premises of the UPS store where the membership is rented – with no copies of the legal name to e-name link anywhere else.
  2. The e-name and buyer’s fund record are kept on line the way Pay Pal does now.
  3. When the eBC member uses his or her “e-name debit card”, eBC buys the good or

    service and then transfers all rights & responsibilities of use to the eBC member, while

1. UPS & winning bid computer vendor (s), Jt. Venture – IP address rental, forwarding, and download service. 2.

at the same time transferring the funds from the e-name account of the member to eBC.

  1. EBC is the actual buyer so no “doing business as” forms are need to be [sqk] filed with the government.
  2. When the eBC member uses his or her e-name to open an on line account with google, or e-bay, or, or any merchant it is actually eBC who is opening the account on behalf of the member.
  3. The is not permitted to incur any financial obligations other than through the e-name debit card issued by eBC.
  4. Like AOL the may be changed by the owner, and an individual may have more than one account.
  5. The agrees to not engage in an illegal use of the e-name.
  6. Plus like people with major credit cards or members, etc. eBC buyers of goods & services should have more clout when they make complaints, exercise warranty rights & demand refunds.
  7. For customers who want more independence, each UPS store can have the relevant county or state forms the customer needs to file & charge a handling fee to automate the process to get a legal “doing business as” name.

3. IP

UPS & computer vendors, Jt. Venture: “e-name” – ip address rental with direct forwarding, or a thumb drive (or larger external drive which will fit in your UPS mail box) containing an automated download of email & whatever else the customer inputs to the system.


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