4. Scalability

1. Starbucks virtual mail box

Perhaps the secret is being able to have people sign up for a “virtual mailbox” from any participating business location like Starbucks, but keep the records at the UPS store.

2. Notary public

In the same way notary publics qualify to be commissioned, so too enough employees at participating business would need to pass a UPS test to show they were competent to verify people’s legal names and put their own name on the line [[[sqk]]] –  with a performance bond from the business to pay for damages in the event of fraud and with criminal penalties for the certified employee for fraud.

3. Commissions

On the up side the employee and the business, would each get a commission for each mail box rented

4. UPS Drivers

Then have UPS drivers pick up the paper work from the business and file it with the UPS store to be kept in duplicate, off line, in separate safes at the UPS store.

5. Physical mailboxes

If the participating business wants mail boxes on premises then they pay UPS for installation and get a percentage of what the customer pays.

6. Traffic

A fast food franchise wanting to be sure of repeat customers might offer mail boxes serviced by the joint venture. The synergy of a meal, a table and your mail all going together [sqk]



Saturday & Sunday restricted delivery of controlled substances to addresses holding valid, renewable, 90 day DMV licenses


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