Competitive advantage of private society


Short title: Competitive advantage of private society

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Proposed sponsors: Ted Cruz, Harry Reid,

Proposed co-sponsors: Don Young, Mike Honda

Purpose of the bill: To increase US competitive advantage and “provide for the common defense” by empowering citizens to communicate and participate in politics, society, and commerce without them or their friends, family, and neighbors being made vulnerable to being tracked, stalked, gentrified, or pressured due to being forced to relinquish the privacy of their location or family names to strangers

Technology employed: computer readable non-photo, thumb print, & voice print ID with legal name, photo, address, & dna print linked off line secure, redundant, & encrypted at the local, issuing DMV office

Whereas, “You are assumed innocent until proven otherwise by a jury of your peers,” and

Whereas, “We are a private society,” be it hereby,

Resolved the following amendment to the us constitution is hereby adopted as per the constitutionally required super-majority vote of the US Congress, or by US State constitutional conventions within thirty (30) years of the date of the passage of this bill.



The US constitution is hereby amended to recognize an increase in the equity of current US government assets equal to three hundred and fifty trillion dollars ($350,000,000,000,000) resulting from this amendment enabling the asset of US human capital to work and live with the competitive advantage of “the blessings of liberty” enhanced by a truly private society over the next eighty (80) million generations, maybe more.

Said recognized increase in current equity represents one tenth of one percent (0.1%), or less, of the total estimated increase in net present value (NPV) of the US human capital asset of approximately one hundred thousand, trillion (100,000,000,000,000,000) citizen work years remaining over the next eighty (80) million generations, maybe more.

To provide the competitive advantage of “more perfect” US constitution preamble rights & duties through a truly private society, the said increase in US government asset equity shall be equally divided among US citizens and one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) shall be deposited into each of three hundred and fifty million (350,000,000) irrevocable, unencumberable, non-transferable, covenanted US Treasury net present value (NPV) citizen trust accounts conservatively invested in sustainable, renewable energy with quarterly time release allowances equal to one quarter of one percent (0.25%) of the average balance at banks chosen by each citizen from a list of banks approved by the US Treasury.

The deposited NPV funds shall be used to pay the state DMV for constitutionally required, AOL & Yahoo – style changeable e-names and, “‘total privacy’ fire wall” computer readable non-photo, thumb print, & voice print identification cards which display only the of the citizen – but with decentralized, redundant, encrypted storage of linked, legal names, photos, & dna prints “off line” at the state DMV office of issue.

Citizens shall also be issued the current standard photo ID driver licenses and walker permits, but shall not be required to show them unless they choose to, or unless a judge order them to.

Further, the deposited NPV funds shall pay USPS branch offices to keep decentralized, encrypted, redundant records of the rental of upgraded, close-able, USPS virtual Post Office (P.O.) Boxes rented to the computer readable non-photo, thumb print, & voice print ID card holder so “the common defense” and other preamble rights may benefit from USPS automatic mail, phone, & IP forwarding from the virtual P.O. Box address – to the street delivery address, private IP address, or current cell tower location – under the changeable

Also, so that “domestic tranquility” and “the general welfare” may benefit by “establishing justice” regarding citizen control of personal privacy, each citizen shall be free to choose whether or not to participate in Ebay, or equivalent, auctions of temporary licenses to use DMV verified demographic information, on a field by field basis offered by voluntary, private citizen sellers and bid on by information industry bidders and resellers in an estimated one trillion, four hundred billion dollar ($1,400,000,000,000) annual market as measured in 2015 dollars.

Likewise, private sector competition shall be permitted – such as UPS store mail box upgrades, Pay Pal accounts, and Starbucks stores phone & IP forwarding firewalls & wi-fi virtual mask rentals, etc.

To “provide for the common defense” this amendment shall require each US citizen and resident to at all times have one, or more, private or public “total privacy’ firewall” s. may be used to register to vote. This amendment shall not preclude use of legal, or other names, or non-firewalled participation in any form of communication, unless overtly, voluntarily agreed to otherwise, such as in written or oral contracts.

MESH networks

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the human capital of three hundred and fifty million citizens over the next one billion years human capital net present value (NPV) equity value


discounted valuation of the


& paid for out of their US Treasury citizen NPV endowment irrevocable, unencumberable, covenanted trust fund with time release allowance –


Terms of service of forums which solicit the general public may not bar use of legal names


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