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‪The @googledrive link in blue sent me in a circle‬

The @googledrive link in blue sent me in a circle. I want to pay google the way I used to & move all my files out of the trash with one click to select all & a second click to restore. Also I want to down@load copies of all@my files to my local external drive here. @sundarpichai


BEARS : cops = OS designs : blocking _”user omniscience”_ re: user-made data cc: @MittRomney @SCOTUSblog @JohnRoberts_CJ @AppleEDU

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@SpeakerRyan: Get your tax cut in the form of a 10 year loan-back of up to 1/2 of the taxes you owe at 0.25% interest per year.

Since your loan remains a collateralizable asset on the @USTreasury balance sheet we can mint up the loan you owe us and invest it in the infrastructure we need to build and maintain. Then when you repay your loan, we repay the mint, but, we’re already 10 years ahead and on schedule!

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xref: mention of you today, at @USSupremeCourt, @MittRomney, re: you, @HBcartoons; xref: Jetson’s football, so? Saved the Olympic Games? [bzzz 165 °58”04:12:17:Cleaning day*] So sabe the @NFL? Drones that can catch pases? (or intercept?!) Robots 🤖 who can block? Inter species cooperation plays? |||*xref: “How to compare iApple “iCloud” to @westerndigital “mycloud” to be sure all are on both???


@AppStoreHeIp when I try to update my @twitter app, why does the App Store ask me for the password for an Apple ID different from the Apple ID i see in “settings/AppStore”? Somehow the twitter app on this phone shows a newer account that likely has the Gmail address associated with it that the App Store wants an Apple ID for. My older twitter account that has the Apple ID showing in settings/AppStore appears to be superseded by the newer account. Other apps in the App Store ask for the correct Apple ID only Twitter is diffetent. If I delete the newer twitter account from the top of the list on this device will it destroy the info in the account? Or can I read it later?