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‪The justices return to cellphones and the Fourth Amendment https://shar.es/1M7Lav via @scotusblog: FACTS? SIM card was in what phone when? AND appellant was carrying it? AND unlike finger or dna prints, idle phone to tower ID can’t be ‘lifted’ & ‘planted’? ‬


Screen record Crashed

and screen got brighter while who was searching whose photos to replace the one inadvertently deleted from tweet due to inadvertently touching an ‘x’ [\kn] either placed w/o the user in mind, or as an intentional [punning] ‘punji stick’ to be able to punish users who edited near the line. Left who with the feeling that once who knew the last step in whose proof who would gladly scuttle [\kn] whose ship and run off with the solution. Hopefully, that’s not true. Now an incredible amount of work to find which image of the how many edits that was left. May have found it already, plus the work of remembering.., so TIMERS should be part of betas. Also note it crashed while scanning whose image files. Meanwhile [Zmm]…


Perfect repentance symbol found on top screen, thanks to coincide or coordination of whom, what, where or why, @Apple; xref: Engineering before considering who will occupy what positions. Also you TA, & “at least three telephone lines or avenues of participation to and from you, the one God: Whose windy elements, Whose stern & powerful rules, and Whose decisions making traffic; at least 3 doors to and from YOU, the one who, or why, makes permitted, required, impossible, and amendable, and therefore to and from Whom, or why, we should start and end all our searches decisions so that we, and all who are affected by us, might join you [🎶030*29”19:11:17] in your layers of consciousness so all e-motions associated with us find Hap pen ning ness es that are the true pay “Ph,” aye meant of the most satisfying & enduring rate of return of liberty, that is “We…”, and freedom, that is what is not us, mutually magnifying one another within the carrying capacity of the independence bestowed by you, whom, or why, upon us. …”Is that right?” (MK) “That is correct,” (BJ)


a finder window is all that’s needed to emancipate the users from “Get Started” (a direct order) vs. “Start here.”’(a label); xref: SPARTACUS @TRUMP and the under the table Econ. Slave rebellion ensnared in the limits [🎶] of growth to the “house rules” vs. universal rules

Scrn. grab;

xref: “Should I ask where you’re from?” Should* [President Robert Mugabe ousted…] {Seek Outside} *I be able to get my own notes on my phone to work off line without needing to go to a computer? Is Pages the ONLY way to make a local copy? Does MS Word permit BOTH?


re: twice
re: AL Franken

TO: All LIMBER trees:
BEFORE ringing tree domes,
get your hand wrung
whose eyes to “Aye,”
re: motions to consider
your bill, or act. So, trust based on other than mutual liability? Our assets, which art anything of value, open to values may we be,